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The hot weather and frequent storms are making their presence, so it's high time to prepare a post with another seasonal recommendation - Anime Summer 2024.
Towa gets an assignment from God to descend as an angel from Heaven to Earth and learn how to live among humans. The purpose is to help her better understand the motivations and behavior of individuals so that in the future she can better help troubled souls and guide them to the right path.
During their journey in search of the kingdom of Estalucia, Captain Djeeta and her crew—consisting of Lyria, Vyrn, Katalina, Io, Rackam, Eugen, and Rosetta—arrived in the sky kingdom of Zegagrande aboard their airship, the Grandcypher. They were attacked by monsters upon arrival, forcing Djeeta and Lyria to summon the mythical beast Bahamut to fend off the assault.
Kuro Tights is an anthology by Yom, focusing on the theme of tights, or rather, girls wearing them. The artbook features works by various artists, not just Yom himself.
As a result of the Noble Alliance seizing Heimdallr, civil war erupted in Erebonia. The provincial armies, loyal to the aristocracy and the Four Great Houses, captured many major cities of the nation on behalf of the Noble Alliance. The Imperial Army has only just begun its counteroffensive.
Yuuki Makoto transfers to Gokkoukan High School. UUpon arriving in Tokyo, Yuuki Makoto quickly makes his way to the dormitory where he will be staying, as it's already quite late. As midnight strikes, Makoto realizes that something strange is happening.
Ichikawa Kyoutarou may seem like an average guy his age. However, deep down, he harbors a secret desire to commit murder. His first target? The class idol, Yamada Anna. However, everything changes one afternoon when he strikes up a conversation with her in the school library, where she’s quietly enjoying some snacks.
It's getting warmer outside, the last episodes of winter series have premiered. So it's time to prepare a recommendation on the next season - anime spring 2024.
The artbook consists of 130 pages in A4 format. It was released in August 2022 by Hobby Japan at the price of ¥3000. The publication, Sanctuaire, showcases the works of Toosaka Asagi, featuring both her original characters and those from Fate/Grand Order.
Seifuku Kanojo is the latest visual novel game by the well knows studio Entergram, taking the form of a dating sim and diverging from the traditional linear narrative of visual novels, even those with multiple endings. The moment I caught a glimpse of its first promotional materials, I was convinced it was going to be an immediate purchase. A few months later, I noticed that collector's editions would be available.
Considering how big of a fan I am of the Xenoblade series (especially the second installment), I don't really need to mention it every time I review a product related to Xenoblade. KOS-MOS is one of my favorite blades. She has never left my lineup since I acquired her.
Shiratori Ryuushi is a young artist who dreams of writing and illustrating children's books. To achieve his goals, he decides to move to Tokyo for training in this field at one of the local schools. He is to live in the Narutakisou estate with his distant cousin, Aoba Kozue. Upon his arrival, he is welcomed by her, the owner, and the other residents, who live together like one big family, helping each other out.