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As a child, Kouzuki Mahiru loved to draw. Her drawing of a jellyfish even won a mural contest, and she participated in creating the mural. Pleased with the result, she showed it to her friends, but they mocked her work. From that moment on, Mahiru stopped drawing and tried to live in a way that made her seem like an average, normal girl.
The hot weather and frequent storms are making their presence, so it's high time to prepare a post with another seasonal recommendation - Anime Summer 2024.
Towa gets an assignment from God to descend as an angel from Heaven to Earth and learn how to live among humans. The purpose is to help her better understand the motivations and behavior of individuals so that in the future she can better help troubled souls and guide them to the right path.
Ichikawa Kyoutarou may seem like an average guy his age. However, deep down, he harbors a secret desire to commit murder. His first target? The class idol, Yamada Anna. However, everything changes one afternoon when he strikes up a conversation with her in the school library, where she’s quietly enjoying some snacks.
It's getting warmer outside, the last episodes of winter series have premiered. So it's time to prepare a recommendation on the next season - anime spring 2024.
Shiratori Ryuushi is a young artist who dreams of writing and illustrating children's books. To achieve his goals, he decides to move to Tokyo for training in this field at one of the local schools. He is to live in the Narutakisou estate with his distant cousin, Aoba Kozue. Upon his arrival, he is welcomed by her, the owner, and the other residents, who live together like one big family, helping each other out.
Aono Tsukune isn't doing well in school. His terrible grades have made it impossible for him to find any high school that would accept him. At the last moment, his father arranges for him to attend Youkai Academy, unaware of the fate that awaits his son.
Tomozaki Fumiya is the top player of the online game Attack Families, also known as Tackfam. Although he uncompromisingly maintains his ranking, his lack of social skills makes him struggle with everyday high school life. He rationalizes this by blaming the complex mechanics and unfair rules of the game of life.
Mukai Naoya and Saki Saki have been close since their childhood. For a long time, Naoya has secretly harbored feelings for his childhood friend and eventually decides to confess to her. Saki reciprocates his feelings. Shortly thereafter, Naoya finds himself in a similar situation as Saki. Atop the school rooftop, Minase Nagisa confesses her love for him.
The end of the year is coming. It's high time to welcome the next one and thus prepare two entries. Summary of the year and recommendations for the winter season. This time I'm preparing some highly anticipated sequels and a few titles that caught my attention in some way.
Kazanari Tsubasa and Amou Kanade formed the legendary idol unit known as Zwei Wing. They use their songs to power ancient relics used as Symphogear to fight Noise - creatures of unknown origin against which conventional weapons do not work. Humans are familiar with the existence of the Noise, but knowledge of the Symphogear is kept strictly confidential. One day the Noise attack one of Zwei Wing's concerts.
From an early age, Aono Hajime admired his world-famous violinist father, who inspired him to take such a career path himself. However, after his parents divorce, he decides that he will never play the violin again and chooses an ordinary high school without an afterthought.