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Seifuku Kanojo is the latest visual novel game by the well knows studio Entergram, taking the form of a dating sim and diverging from the traditional linear narrative of visual novels, even those with multiple endings. The moment I caught a glimpse of its first promotional materials, I was convinced it was going to be an immediate purchase. A few months later, I noticed that collector's editions would be available.
The focus of the entry is something that can be called the Holy Grail. It is a limited edition Nintendo 3DS console with design from the game New Love Plus+ available exclusively in Japan.
I had never heard of this game before. It was originally released for the PlayStation 3 console, and later also for other platforms. The version for Nintendo Switch is a remaster. I only came across it because I accidentally noticed a tweet about the collector's edition shared by one of the users I follow.
The size of the box is quite large, but no larger than the Xenoblade game collectibles I reviewed earlier in the original Japanese versions. But what is inside?
In this case, Nintendo handled the collector's edition a bit strangely. Its release was three months after the release of the standard version of the game. Fortunately, it was made possible to purchase the version without the game for those who already have it in their collection. I'm talking here strictly about the original Japanese version. In the West, not even a release date has been announced yet. However, for me, as a collector, the original version has much more value. Among other things, this is because the artbook uses the original names instead of the made-up ones from the crappy English dubbing.
Aionos is a place where the mechanically proficient Keves people and the ether-oriented Agnus nation are in constant war with each other. The wars are waged by modified soldiers with an artificially limited lifespan of ten years spent entirely on fighting and mastering battle skills. Among the two forces there are also soldiers who play a special flute and perform rituals over their friends fallen on the battlefield. One such Keves soldier is Noah, along with his childhood friends Lanz, Eunie and nopon Riku.
Honda Takumi, an ordinary high school student, and his friends Atsuta Yuzuru and Dazai Ichirou are caught off guard by a mysterious earthquake and transported to Da'at; an alternate apocalyptic version of Tokyo in the midst of a powerful battle between angels and demons.