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Record of Agarest War Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch, 2023)

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I had never heard of this game before. It was originally released for the PlayStation 3 console, and later also for other platforms. The version for Nintendo Switch is a remaster. I only came across it because I accidentally noticed a tweet about the collector’s edition shared by one of the users I follow. Zero marketing. The title (or rather, the entire game series) has a devoted fan base. From what I’ve been able to read, the whole thing looks really interesting. A review of the game will certainly appear as soon as I finish it. I have read that there is more than 100 hours of content. Some time will probably pass before I make a review.

Record of Agarest War Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch, 2023)

The size of the box is quite small. This is well illustrated by one of the photos, where you can see the game itself placed in the special edition packaging. What is inside?

  • Game box
  • Acrylic figurine
  • Set of postcard-sized cards depicting the heroines
  • Artbook
  • CD with selected songs from the soundtrack

Below, sequentially, what is on each layer inside the box.


The box from the front looks aesthetically pleasing. The printing is saturated with colors, the design of the front art is satisfying to look at.

Game box

The cartridge box is located under the first layer, where the CD and carefully foiled individual parts of the acrylic figure are located.

Acrylic figurine / stand

Acrylic figure, sometimes called an acrylic stand. In promotional photos, it looked much larger. In reality, its height is about half of a standard Nintendo Switch game box. Tiny, yet looks great.

Cards with pictures of the game’s heroines

A set of twelve cards with the game’s heroines is located directly under the center cardboard part of the contents. They are roughly the format of postcards. Printing quality satisfactory.

Audio CD with selected songs from the soundtrack

I will be honest and say that I experienced quite a big disappointment here. With such a price of the special edition (which is on top of the remaster), a full soundtrack should have been included. Unfortunately, there was room here for only 26 tracks. To make matters worse, the cover inside is not a booklet. The back of the CD box doesn’t even have any artwork, which is (to put it gently) a complete blunder.


The artbook depicts probably all of the game’s most important characters, as well as some illustrations that are (I think) promotional materials. There’s also room for some fanservice, but that’s basically it. There are no drawings of locations, weapons or anything else. The size doesn’t blow you away either, but that could have been guessed from the size of the special edition box.

Record of Agarest War Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch, 2023) – summary

The price seems fair to the content. The only pity is how the publishers approached the soundtrack and the overall size of the whole thing. An A4-sized artbook would have looked much better. I assume that the print run of this collectible will be outstandingly small, so this set may gain in value quite a bit in the near future.

A full review of the game will appear when I complete it.


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