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The focus of the entry is something that can be called the Holy Grail. It is a limited edition Nintendo 3DS console with design from the game New Love Plus+ available exclusively in Japan. I reviewed the game itself a nice few years ago, the review is available here. I highly recommend reading that post. Three sets of this special edition have been released. Each dedicated to a different Love Plus heroine. My choice was the version featuring Anegasaki Nene, since that’s the one I chose when I got acquainted with this title a few years ago. The console arrived to me in mint condition. It had never been opened before, so absolutely every part of the set is intact. I am reviewing the rarer and also richer version, the Deluxe Set. There was also an option to buy the console alone without extras.

New Love Plus+ 3DS LL Nene Deluxe Set (Konami, 2014)

The size of the box is quite large. However, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, as we get quite a lot of extras in addition to the console itself.

  • Nintendo 3DS LL console box with limited edition graphics
  • A set of high-quality graphics depicting the various events in the game
  • Artbook
  • New Love Plus+ Game
  • Drama CD


The main box looks great. Really nice and pleasant design.

Box of extras

Inside there are two paper boxes. One encloses the console box, the other contains the extras of the Deluxe Version. As I mentioned earlier, each of the game’s three heroines has its own, completely unique content. This applies to literally every element. From the design to the content itself. The packaging below gives the impression of a premium product when you hold it in your hands.

Graphics with events from the game

The first thing we see when we open it is an envelope with a big warning. The developers warn of possible spoilers in the accompanying illustrations. This is because they depict the events of the game. The quality of their workmanship is incredibly good. They are additionally covered with foil that gives additional contrast to the colors. The illustrations are placed on both sides of the cards. The glue used to seal the envelope was very strong. I had to strain a lot to avoid causing major damage to the paper around the glued part.


The artbook is 40 pages long. It contains quite a few promotional graphics, but also original drawings prepared for this publication. In addition, you can see Nene’s early designs, all the hairstyles, clothes and logos of the most important places of the city of Towano. The quality of the printing is absolutely outstanding. No savings were made here on materials. The colors are vivid and the whole thing is pleasing to the eye. Under the wrapper, a rather original idea for the cover.

Drama CD

In addition to the radio program, the album also includes tracks from the soundtrack.

Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS LL Console Box.

Even the console’s box has the theme of the game and Anegasaki Nene. The design is very similar to the front of the main package.

New Love Plus+ Game Box

I was afraid for a while that the set did not include the game (even though the information that it does is on the box). Especially since the box of extras for the Deluxe version had an empty space about the size of a 3DS game case. My fears turned out to be unfounded, as the game box was placed in the console’s box. This is my second copy of the game, so I’m leaving it sealed. Instead, I show the contents of the copy that has been in my collection for a long time, as it is identical.

Nintendo 3DS LL Anegasaki Nene Console

Well, and it’s time for the icing on the cake. The console looks simply brilliant. I don’t think I’ve seen another prettier 3DS special edition. The monochromatic print in burgundy is a perfect match to the white console. The underside also has delicate accents. It’s just a shame that the interior is no different from the white version of the 3DS XL.

The console had been lying in the box for almost 10 years, so I was not surprised that the battery was completely drained. After recharging, however, it works without the slightest problem. The screens themselves have no discoloration, nor are they yellowed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the version with an IPS screen (which would have given additional value to this edition), but you can’t have everything.

Video showing unboxing and other merch from Love Plus

New Love Plus+ 3DS LL Nene Deluxe Set (Konami, 2014) – Summary

I’ve been hunting for this 3DS model in mint condition for quite a few years. I finally managed to find one at a fairly decent price. It looks even better in person than in the pictures. The extras in the Deluxe version are really satisfying. Konami has done a great job here. It’s just a pity that they have already abandoned the Love Plus universe, and the developers themselves have long since been fired.

Once again, I would strongly encourage you to read the full review of the game available here.

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