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Seifuku Kanojo – Himari Hatsukoi BOX (Entergram, 2024)

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Seifuku Kanojo is the latest visual novel game by the well knows studio Entergram, taking the form of a dating sim and diverging from the traditional linear narrative of visual novels, even those with multiple endings. The moment I caught a glimpse of its first promotional materials, I was convinced it was going to be an immediate purchase. A few months later, I noticed that collector’s editions would be available. After quickly checking the contents, I decided to pre-order. In this post and accompanying video, I share my thoughts on the collector’s edition, detailing the extras that came with it and my overall impressions.

Seifuku Kanojo – Himari Hatsukoi BOX (Entergram, 2024)

The box is impressively large and quite heavy, giving the impression it’s loaded to the brim with game-related gadgets. But the real delight is in the rich contents – a true benchmark for what collector’s editions should offer. I was genuinely amazed by the sheer volume of items I received, not to mention the special bonuses that came with purchasing from Amazon Japan. I opted for the Nintendo Switch version, although versions for PlayStation and PC were available too. Buyers could choose from one of three themes for their collector’s edition, each centered around a different heroine and offering unique content for each. Additionally, there was a choice between two types of bonuses offered by Amazon Japan. Sadly, the top-tier option, which included a crystal with laser engraving and an LED-lit stand, was unavailable by the time I made my order.

Basic Contents

  • The game for Nintendo Switch in its box.
  • A soundtrack CD with all the music tracks.
  • Three random heroine cards, one of which is a collector’s edition for the Lycee Overture card game.
  • A themed bag replicating those used by the characters in the game.
  • An artbook filled with game illustrations.
  • An acrylic statue featuring one of the heroines.
  • A music CD with the game’s opening and ending themes, alongside a character song.
  • A drama CD dedicated to a specific heroine, which in my case was Himari.
  • Two acrylic keychains.
  • A B2-sized fabric poster/tapestry of the selected heroine, complete with mounting accessories.

Bonuses included with Amazon’s Japanese version

  • A fabric poster or tapestry in B3 size, complete with mounting hardware.
  • A set of six photographs themed around the selected heroine, along with an acrylic frame for display.
  • An acrylic keychain with the chosen heroine’s motif.
  • A transparent film overlay printed with the chosen heroine’s design.”

Seifuku Kanojo – Packaging

The packaging is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. The illustrations and all pertinent information are printed on a cardboard sleeve that’s encased in a glossy film, snugly fitting around the main box. This snug fit prevents the box from quickly succumbing to wear and tear from movement, but it also makes the sleeve somewhat challenging to remove. Extra caution is needed to avoid accidentally damaging the entire package.

Seifuku Kanojo – Box with basic contents

Inside, you’ll discover the main box which houses all of the basic contents. Below, the arrangement of items is displayed in their respective layers.

Nintendo Switch Seifuku Kanojo game box

The cover is the same as the standard edition’s. Inside, there’s no instruction manual or booklet, only the game cartridge.

Drama CD

The Drama CD, featuring scenes with the selected heroine (in my case, Himari), is titled “#Ouchi Date” Fushigi-chan Kouhai Kanojo to Hajimete no Asa, which loosely translates to “#HomeDate – The First Morning with a Mysterious Kouhai Girlfriend.” It’s difficult to translate without losing the original’s subtleties. To clarify, “kouhai” (like “senpai”) refers not to an age difference but to a difference in experience or seniority, although in school settings this often implies age as well. Furthermore, the use of “fushigi-chan” in the title captures the heroine’s mysterious nature through the affectionate suffix chan.


The printing quality is genuinely respectable. Made from polyester, it’s probably produced using sublimation. Intriguingly, it also comes with a complete mounting kit for wall hanging, including two collapsible tubes (making them compact enough to fit in the collector’s box) and a string.

Acrylic keychains

The next layer of gadgets features two acrylic keychains. One depicts the heroine from the edition of the game we selected, and the other, her handbag. Both are surprisingly large for such items.


As photos don’t do justice to the actual size, I’ll compare the size of this accessory to the typical over-the-shoulder document bags, more on the larger side than the smaller. It can comfortably hold a wallet, phone, and several other essentials. The bag is adorned with the game’s logo and is modeled after the bags carried by the heroines in the game.

Acrylic figure

The print quality is more than satisfactory, as is its size. It can easily stand alongside regular figurines on a shelf and look outstanding. It’s just a pity that the print is only on one side. I’ve seen similar statues in other collector’s editions with double-sided printing, and the effect was simply brilliant.

Collector cards

The cards were randomly included, with one of them being part of a collector’s card game named Lycee Overture.

“#Kawaii Song” CD with opening and ending.

The mini album features four songs: an opening by 幸祜/Koko titled 私を纏う / Watashi o matou, and three endings, each performed by different heroines.

CD #SeifukuMemorial

The album features the game’s complete soundtrack, comprising 35 tracks by ハム / Hamu. This is a delightful surprise, as collector’s editions typically include only a compilation CD with a selection of tracks, unfortunately.


The item in question is actually an illustration book containing 80 pages. Unfortunately, I have no idea about its size. Since the posters use the B size format, I’m assuming that this artbook is in B5 format. Almost all of the illustrations fill most of the page space. The print quality is more than satisfactory and can easily be compared to the artbooks I often review. Below, I’ve included a few selected pages.

Japanese Amazon extras

Unfortunately, these additional items were not included in the box along with the rest of the collector’s edition materials. Instead, they were provided separately as a loose package. It’s disappointing that there was no decision to package them in some kind of printed cardboard, or at the very least, provide a bag for convenient storage of all the items together.

Poster on fabric/tapestry in B3 format with attached mounting

The printing quality is virtually identical to the larger version’s. The key difference lies in the mounting being integrated with the item. The poster was rolled up and wrapped in plastic film.

Set of six photographs with the theme of the heroine of your choice with attached acrylic frame

Each of the six illustrations included can also be found in the previously mentioned artbook. As I selected the Tamayori Himari set, the illustrations and the frame I received are dedicated to her.

Acrylic keychain with Tamayori Himari motif

Transparent foil printed with the motif of the chosen heroine

A gadget that can be used in many ways. I would envision it inside a plexiglass box illuminated by LED lights.

Video showing unboxing of Seifuku Kanojo – Himari Hatsukoi BOX (Entergram, 2024)


Seifuku Kanojo – Himari Hatsukoi BOX (Entergram, 2024) – Summary

Upon receiving the package and extracting the box from the shipping packaging, I was struck by its heft. Even though I had familiarized myself with the contents before purchasing, the sheer volume of extras was a delightful surprise. This is precisely how collector’s editions should be presented. Buying a collector’s edition means investing in premium extras, not the lackluster afterthoughts we’re increasingly encountering. In the case of Seifuku Kanojo, it’s evident where your money goes. The box is bursting with content.

Undoubtedly, this is a collector’s edition I can wholeheartedly, with all my heart, recommend. If you’re an Entergram studio fan or simply want to try out a quality dating sim, don’t hesitate. Though, there might be a challenge with availability now. As of writing this review, Amazon Japan no longer had the collector’s editions in stock. Still, it’s worth searching elsewhere – there should be opportunities to buy it at a standard price for a while. To conclude, I’ll add that a review of the game will definitely appear on the site as soon as I have time to complete it.


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