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A new JRPG game called Trinity Trigger, heavily inspired by 90s classics such as Seiken Densetsu, was recently released. It was developed by Three Rings studio and published by FuRyu. The action takes place in a universe where the God of Order fights the God of Chaos for power. Gameplay can be seen here. The Japanese branch of Amazon and the GAMECITY website have prepared an interesting collector’s version, which I will present in this post.

Trinity Trigger Collector’s Edition

The size of the box is quite large. A little smaller than the A3 format It is worth bearing in mind if you place collector boxes on shelves. I’ll just briefly list the contents before moving on to a photo presentation:

  • Box containing the game for the Nintendo Switch console and a booklet containing instructions
  • Cardboard box containing a disc with selected tracks from the soundtrack with a high-quality print depicting the characters
  • High-quality canvas with a painting depicting the main characters
  • Artbook
  • A film (which also serves as a folder) with a high-quality print – unfortunately undersized.
  • A card with a special DLC code

The Box

I’ll start with what the box itself looks like from the front. Below you can see photos of the other sides and the inside.

Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022)

The first thing we see when we open it is the game box. Inside, in addition to the game, we also find a nice booklet, which is the game’s manual. It includes introductory descriptions of the world, characters and basic mechanics. It’s nice that someone still remembers about such details. For me personally it’s one of the signs that someone puts his heart into his work. By the way, such instructions in Western versions could include something like the translators’ notes. Instead of (for example) pointlessly changing the names of the characters and causing very unpleasant dissonance, explain the origin and meaning of a given name or proper name right there.

Game box

Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022)
Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022)


Next to the game box, there is a similar sized cardboard box covered in glossy foil with high-quality printing. Both on the outside and inside. Inside we find a CD with selected tracks that are part of the game’s soundtrack. I personally liked most the graphics used inside and the printing on the CD itself.

Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022)
Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022)

Painting on canvas

Another layer of extras was placed under the cardboard frame on which the things shown above were placed. The first thing that catches the eye is an oiled high-quality canvas wound on a wooden frame with a beautiful print.

Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022) - płótno
Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022) - płótno


Another part of the set is a rather extensive 96-page artbook, which showcases character, world, weapon and enemy designs. Importantly – most of the graphics were prepared with this artbook in mind (especially those depicting cities and landscapes of individual locations in the form of paintings).

Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022) - artbook

Foil folder

The last thing, placed at the very bottom, is a sort of foil folder with a beautiful illustration. I have a feeling that the creators had plans to include some graphics in this folder, but in the end nothing was included. Unfortunately, the format of this item is undersized. It would look great in an A3 antiframe, but putting it in such an antiframe will result in about 5 cm of free space on each side.

Trinity Trigger Collector's Edition (Three Rings, FuRyu, 2022)

In addition to the aforementioned content, you will also find a loosely inserted piece of paper with a DLC code, which (according to what it says) is an item received as an inheritance from your father that increases the amount of experience points you earn. It is activated as standard – in the eshop.

Trinity Trigger Collector’s Edition – summary

Standard question. Is it worth it? Here everyone has to answer for themselves, considering the price (about ¥15000) and what you get for it. I for one am satisfied with the set, and the game itself is already waiting in line to be played.

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