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Eiga Yuru Camp (2022)

Kagamihara Nadeshiko and her friends entered adult life after finishing school and finding jobs. This resulted in the fact that they no longer had as much time to spend together on camping trips. In fact, they haven’t seen each other for a long time due to the distance separating them. Everything changes one night when Oogaki Chiaki invites Rin to an izakaya. After drinking a few beers, she decides to write a message and invite the whole pack to Takaori. A small village near the city of Fujikawa in Yamanashi Prefecture. There she reveals his plan to renovate an abandoned place and adapt the whole area for a campground. The place with a beautiful view of Mount Fuji. Her thought reunites the girls as in their school years. But they don’t yet know how much effort it will cost them.

Eiga Yuru Camp – Audiovisual design


As in the TV series, here too the artists working on the backgrounds impressed me immensely. Many of the scenes shown throughout the film I would love to hang on my wall in the form of a painting. The animation of the characters is basically unchanged, and in this case this should be considered rather as something positive. Against the whole backdrop of everything looking so good, the 3D vehicles unfortunately stood out in a negative way. Again, this was exactly the same in the TV series. Clinging to such details by force is rather pointless, especially since there were really few scenes of this type.


The entire brilliant cast from the series returns, of course. Touyama Nao, Takahashi Rie, Hanamori Yumiri, Toyosaki Aki or Hara Sayuri. These names speak for themselves. I could listen to the dialogues between the heroines for hours. Just because of how well the aforementioned seiyuu did their job.

The soundtrack has taken on a somewhat cinematic feel, but what is most important and characteristic of Yuru Camp remains. Strongly relaxing and soothing music with lots of flutes. The track used at the very end, at the climax, was simply brilliant and will definitely make its way onto my playlists.

Eiga Yuru Camp – The plot and characters


The film looks firmly into the future. The filmmakers give us the opportunity to see what the Yuru Camp characters do in the future and how their lives turned out. Rin works as an editor at a local newspaper. Nadeshiko has found a job in a store selling accessories for people involved in camping. Aoi is a teacher of the youngest grades. Ena works at a fashion salon for dogs.

The fact that they’ve entered adulthood has meant that they no longer find as much time for each other as they did in the past. Although in their minds each of them dreams that the days of their camping trips together will return. Of course, this didn’t stop the filmmakers from showing plenty of delicious food prepared in the open air between the various events. After watching the film late at night, I was so hungry that I had to make a trip to the refrigerator.

Briefly about the plot and characters

The whole situation of severing acquaintance between them for lack of time is saved by Chiaki. After spontaneously meeting Rin in an izakaya and consuming a larger amount of alcohol, she sends a message to everyone about her desire to meet in a small village near the city of Fujikawa. This was actually the tipping point and the beginning of a renewed friendship for the whole pack. Taking the opportunity, Chiaki decides to tell her friends about an idea she came up with in her new job. She intends to revitalize and adapt the area that is their meeting place for a campground. She chose the site for a reason. As it has a perfect view of Mount Fuji. And the site itself is overflowing with artifacts in the form of remnants of a previous facility operating in the area.

None of the heroines took a moment to think about it, and they happily accepted Chiaki’s proposal. She, on the other hand, immediately knew whom to assign to which role. Thus Nadeshiko became the site manager. Aoi will take care of the planning. Ena the PR specialist. Rin the main leader. While she herself promised to work behind the scenes to put the finishing touches on the whole thing.

Initial enthusiasm, however, quickly collides with reality. The girls, despite adversity, the distance separating them and the general lack of time resulting from their daily duties, do not give up. They actively and consistently pursue their goals, devoting every free moment to it. During breaks, they reminisce about old times and prepare meals outdoors. Any way you look at it, despite the huge time skip – it’s still good old Yuru Camp.

Other remarks

A small detail at the beginning of the film caught my attention. After the iconic frame with the Shochiku logo transitioned seamlessly into the movie scene, the smile on my face persisted for the next few minutes. Whoever came up with this idea – I bow my head.

The Yuru Camp movie can theoretically be watched without any knowledge of the TV series. Although I strongly advise against it. The creators have packed quite a few references to past events. Among them, the case with camping accessories. I’m mainly referring to the mini gas lamp here. Or the return of the konnichiwa cone.

It is also worth mentioning that all the events in the film are anime-original content. They are not part of the manga (at least not yet). However, this does not mean that the material should be deleted for this reason. On the contrary, it was nice to see what the characters decided to do in the more distant future. Season three will be a continuation of the manga, so a return to high school days.

Evaluation and summary

It was nice to see the heroines from one of the best iyashikei series again. I experienced no small surprise seeing them grown up. At least for me, since I didn’t follow the promotional materials for the film. Even though the whole thing was not part of the original story presented in the original manga version of Yuru Camp, it is still something very much worth watching. Not only that. I will honestly say that I would also love to see a sequel to this film in the future. Now all that remains is to wait for season three.

Finalny werdykt

Final evaluation

Which translation do I recommend to watch Eiga Yuru Camp

  • CR (oficjalne) – I could complain about a few small details, but the translation was as good as the translation of the Yuru Camp TV series, so I recommend with a good conscience.
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